Student Spotlight: Reality Winner

Reality Winner is a 23 year old yogini who practices hot Vinyasa 4 times per week. She also stays active with crossfit training, power lifting, cycling, running and TRX. Her passion for hard work mixed with a curiosity about asanas yields intense focus and drive throughout her yoga practice.

I asked Reality what inspires her most in practice. She replied, “In that first round of breathing, right after class starts, is when the magic happens.  When I'm on the mat and engaged in the practice, I am the best version of me. It's not that everything else completely disappears, but all my problems and pains that have accumulated in my mind since the last practice are shrunk down and laid out in front of me like a little ant city.  They're all going to be there waiting for me when I'm done with class but during that time when they're not inside me,  and they're not my problems, I can be free enough to find that little edge of peace, so even off the mat I can see life's adversities from above instead of getting lost between the sky scrapers.  And maybe each time that feeling lasts a little longer after practice ends until life itself becomes practice.”

 Reality’s experiences can be inspiration for all of us. Life is a constant practice and a yoga mat is a great place to learn how to best flow through life. Find peace and build strength by seeing adversities from a different perspective. Strong practice, strong life.