Strong Practice, Strong Life


About Keith


When we move, we improve. I’m obsessed with helping people move better. With practices primarily focused on spine, hips & shoulders, we will increase the efficiency of your joints, muscles and ligaments.

In addition to physical development, explorations of how thought patterns interact with our vitality are crucial. How we think impacts how we feel. How we feel influences our brains. Using breath and positive motivation, we illuminate the path to being our strongest and best selves.

My group and private sessions combine yoga, Functional Range Conditioning, animal movements, calisthenics and breath work. We center, we play, we grow.

I look forward to your classes like ice cream. Magical combination of humor, sarcasm, serenity and strength… The mint chocolate chip of yoga!
— Jillian, Student
I so appreciate your humor and warmth during class but also really love that you learn about each of us individually and push us to meet and exceed our own version of ‘relentless consistency’ each practice.
— Abby, Student
Your assists are delicious and badass, like being touched by a god. Strong, nurturing and satisfying. It’s a gift!
— Bethany, Student
An hour-long Keith Golden class is like another teacher’s 90-minute one.
— Allison, Student
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