Lessons From Balloon Bliss

On a recent hot air balloon ride, I was among 5 passengers and 1 pilot, all with jobs to do. In this photo taken after landing, I’m helping to gather the balloon back into a small enough size for it to fit into a big box. Everyone cheerfully chipped in doing tasks before and after our time high in the sky.

During the entire experience, all of us were fully invested in each moment. No one checked for messages or Facebook on their phones before the ride. Phones were only used for photos and even then, use was relatively rare. All were present, using our senses to take in the grandeur of a 360 degree view vantage point high in the sunrise sky.

We landed in a stranger’s private back yard. The homeowner was a cheerful woman with an excited barking dog. Both welcomed our touch down into their quiet Sunday morning. 2 other neighborhood people who happened to see our descent came over and joined in helping us put the balloon away. We all shared juice, champagne and smiles at the end.

Yoga and movement classes offer openings to come together as a community the way we did on the balloon. It’s a time to put the phone away and open yourself to the excitement of viewing your present and your potential. It’s an opportunity to join forces in physically rising up and over challenges. It’s a chance to spiritually connect with positive presence.

Be present inside yourself. Be present with all around you.

Just Say Yes

Just Say Yes

... Scott touched on insight that burned into my psyche and continues to influence me. He said always says yes when offered opportunities. Even if he does not know how to play the style of music or work the machinery, he says yes. He has confidence in his abilities to learn quickly and he consistently comes through...