Just Say Yes

About 3 years ago at 1 a.m., I sat in my friend Scott Hargash's living room drinking Scotch and eating lasagna. I was 6 months into restarting my life in Baltimore and on my way out of the music biz. I did not have a direction in life and was spending my time playing random gigs, working odd jobs, running road races and practicing yoga.

Scott had also reinvented himself in life. When we met 18 years before, we were both pro bass players. That night at his house, he was the owner of a successful landscaping business and going deeper into family life with his fiancée and her daughter. We talked about how to make successful life transitions.

Scott touched on insight that burned into my psyche and continues to influence me. He shared that he always says yes when offered opportunities. Even if he does not know how to play the style of music or work the machinery, he says yes. He has confidence in his abilities to learn quickly and he consistently comes through.

A month after our talk, I called to enroll in Helen Heffer's philosophy of yoga class at Howard Community College. Her class was full and I had to convince her to let me take the class. She sensed that I was saying yes to life and she said yes to me.

2 weeks later, Kim Manfredi welcomed me to the staff of Charm City Yoga as a work/study which allowed me unlimited free yoga as I prepped for teacher training. Doors kept opening the more I said yes to possibilities.

Soon after, my friend Jax asked me to practice teaching yoga with her. She was already in training and I hadn't started yet but practicing with her allowed me insight into what training would be like. I said yes. We went to the top of a hill under a flag pole during a thunderstorm. Thunder rumbled, we got drenched and we practiced. Yes to all that.

The next week, Jax invited me to an Acro Yoga workshop. I didn't even know what Acro was, but I said yes.

The next month, we attended Kim's Summer Solstice celebration at AVAM. I had never seen so many yogis assembled in one place. It was exciting to see Kim in that environment and uplifting to be surrounded by so many practitioners celebrating our lives on Earth.

Last summer, Amanda Briody invited me to practice Acro yoga with her. I said yes. Now we're 3 weeks away from offering our first workshop together, Fly Me, Thai Me on Sunday November 20, 2016 from 1:30 to 3:30 at YogaWorks in Fells Point, MD.

Last week, YogaWorks welcomed me to offer the first Baltimore yoga solstice celebration succeeding Kim Manfredi as the teacher. I'll be leading Winter Fire: A Solstice Yoga Celebration at AVAM on Sunday December 18, 2016 at 6pm.

Saying yes to opportunities has made my life better. Even when it’s not clear what’s in store, I keep finding happiness by rising up to the adventures offered by life experiences. I encourage you to say yes to offerings that bring out your highest and best Self.